Minoan Lines Special Offers 2012

10% Family Discount for International Routes

For families & friends with 3 or more members that travel in any accommodation, with or without their vehicles, (all vehicles categories).
All tickets must be issued under the same reservation code.

20% Discount for Students for International Routes (Italy / Greece)

-The discount applies to all categories except Deluxe cabins.
-The discount is valid only for vehicles category 1 and for motorcycles.
-The presentation of a valid student identity card is required, during ticket issuance as well as during check-in prior to boarding the vessel.

30% Discount - Return Trip Greece/Italy

For international routes (Greece / Italy), this discount is valid only for the return leg of the trip.
-Condition: the discount is provided to passengers-holders of aller/retour (round trip) tickets bearing the same time & date stamp.
-The discount is also valid in combining international routes (e.g Ancona / Venice or vice versa).

50% Discount - Children up to 4 years old

-Free deck passage
-50% discount for all cabin categories.

50% Discount - Children from 4-12 years old

-50% discount for all accommodation categories

20% Discount for Combined trips (International - Domestic)

For passengers on the international route (Italy - Greece) who continue their trip on domestic routes (Greece). The discount is in regard to the domestic trip.
-Condition: the tickets for international and domestic routes must bear the same time & date of issue.
-The discount applies to all domestic routes.

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