Agoudimos Special Deals

A2 + CAR = 150 euro: Up to 2 adults in A2 cabin with car ( valid only for Bari Line and period A)

A2+ CAR =135 euro:Up to 2 adults in AB2 cabin with car( valid only for Bari Line and period A)

SUPER OFFER: Camping on board with cabin A4/AB4 at the rate of deck (valid only for period A)

10% Family Offer: For families with cabin A4/AB4 with or without car.

15% Early Booking: For reservation and ticketing until April 30th.Tickets can be issued with open return. The fare of low season is calculated and when the date is finalized for the return,the price difference is issued. Cancellations and further changes are not accepted.

20% Family Offer: For families for 3 persons and up on deck or airseats with or without car.

20% Reduction: For students on deck or airseats.

30% Reduction: For card holders of Railroad transport between Greece - Italy.

50% Reduction: For children from 4 to 12 years old.

100% Reduction: For children up to 4 years old.

Offers are valid for limited number passenger.
Special offers are not valid for Kefalonia and Paxi.

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